When I was growing up I enjoyed hands on projects and trying to understand how things work. I then found a hobby of working with media- videos and pictures primarily. When I got to college I stumbled upon Technical Communication, which seemed like a blend of all my interests. Shortly after pursuing this field I realized I really enjoyed trying to use media- illustrations and instructions- to explain how things work. I now do just that.



My competence in decision making, content creation, and project management have been demonstrated in my experiences in the corporate, extracurricular, and classroom setting. My past internships at Michigan Scientific Corporation exposed me to the importance of effective communication.I have worked on design, formatting, style, illustrations, and copy for user manuals. That, combined with experience creating descriptions and feature lists for products has allowed me to work with engineers to create clear and customer friendly content...

college resume spring 2020.png



I have been snowboarding for over 10 years and plan to keep this hobby lifelong. 

Mountain Biking

Northern Michigan native, ask me about the trails in my area.


Anywhere that nature calls me. Backpacking, winter camping, and just about everything between. 


I enjoy taking photos out on my exploration expeditions, and I've gotten the opportunity to take professional grade product photos in the job setting as well.